King County Firewood Is Puget Sound's
First Choice For Premium Kiln Dried Firewood!

Supplying a Superior Product Since 2002.

Why Choose Us?

  • Premium Kiln Dried Firewood
  • Guaranteed Full Cords
  • Hardwood & Softwood
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Quick Deliveries
  • Kindling & Starters
  • Family Owned
  • 18 Years of Trust

Standard Length:

Our firewood is cut into 15.5″ inch lengths. We also can cut custom lengths for you, just ask.

Mixed Deliveries:

We can do a mix of different types of firewood down to 1/2 cord per species.

For example our most popular order is 1/2 cord dry conifer and 1/2 cord of dry hardwood, either maple or madrona.

Free Delivery (full cords+):

  • We deliver cord and multiple cord quantities.
  • From Tacoma to Everett along the I-5 and 405 corridor.
  • Weekday deliveries.
  • Other locations? Kitsap, Vashon Island or please contact us.

The C & C Timber Difference:

Our firewood is all cut 15.5 inches long and split to maximize efficiency for fireplaces and woodstoves. We guarantee the quantity that you are purchasing and will always provide a written invoice at time of delivery.

All of our wood is kiln dried. It lights easily, burns longer, warmer and with less smoke. Less smoke means less creosote buildup.